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TIMO + BOX Freestanding Fireplace - Minimalist Form and High Efficiency, 2 Colours

TIMO + BOX Freestanding Fireplace - Minimalist Form and High Efficiency, 2 Colours

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Modern fireplace stoves and practical work should go hand in hand with attractive design and ecological solutions. UNICO freestanding ovens are the answer to the expectations of modern users! They are carefully designed and attract attention with exciting designs and excellent finishes. They are a perfect choice for a modern living room - they provide warmth and offer the household a romantic atmosphere. Another advantage of UNICO free-standing stoves is the air curtain, which prevents excessive soot deposition on the stove's glass. TIMO freestanding stoves have also been equipped with an accumulation system in the form of natural stones that give off heat even for several hours!

Timo freestanding fireplace stoves - minimalist form and high efficiency

The UNICO company authorises a series of models of modern TIMO stoves, available in several finish variants. TIMO freestanding stoves are distinguished by a minimalist design and excellent parameters. 

Freestanding stoves - the perfect solution for a modern home

A compact, free-standing stove with a unique design is an excellent choice for any home. This modern device lets you heat your home living room quickly and introduces an incredibly cosy atmosphere to the interior. Modern technologies ensure the stove is safe, easy, and convenient. Due to the variety of finishing materials and colours, modern free-standing stoves will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers!

Timo series - It is a minimalist, clean front and natural stones in the upper part of the stove


  • Heating power [kW] - 11.5
  • Printed glass [mm] - 383 x 474
  • Height [mm] - 1400
  • Width [mm] - 560
  • Depth [mm] - 460
  • Efficiency [%] - 75
  • Average fuel consumption max [kg/h] - 3.3
  • Weight max. [kg] - 205
  • Chimney diameter [mm] - 150
  • Air intake diameter [mm] - 98
  • Fuel - wood with a moisture content of up to 20%, wood briquettes
  • The maximum billet length [mm] - 320


Stoves from the Simply Unique series are available in Timo and Luna.

Both versions are available in white or black cover colour and with two types of legs - wooden (Wood) and steel, integrated with the cover (Steel).

As standard, the fireplaces are equipped with a black chamotte lining.
*On request (additional fee), replacing chamotte with Refrabox ceramics is possible.*

Stoves from the Simply Unique series are a solution for people who value good design, comfort and safety of use. When creating them, we were guided by the idea of ​​combining the advantages of a built-in fireplace with the lightness of form and functionality of a free-standing stove. Therefore, their heart is the Unico Dragon 8 fireplace insert, which has been used for years and is reliable in its class.

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