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Fireplace Insert with a Water Jacket Unico Nemo 8 12KW

Fireplace Insert with a Water Jacket Unico Nemo 8 12KW

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Fireplace Insert with a Water Jacket Unico Nemo 8

Fireplace inserts with a water jacket by Unico. 

Unico Nemo inserts work with the mechanical ventilation of our building and can therefore be used in houses with recuperation. It is worth noting that it has a ceramic deflector that catalyzes exhaust gases. This makes the combustion process more efficient, and the chamber retains heat. Nemo fireplace inserts do not have a grate. We can regulate the combustion process through the pull rod located in the lower part.

Of course, like most fireplaces on our website, this one also has a clean glass system, thanks to which its daily operation becomes a pleasure.
In this case, we have a specific shape for the fireplace insert. Less common because it is narrower. It will be ideally suited wherever we do not have too much space and we still want to enjoy the warmth and comfort of the fireplace.

The Nemo series of inserts are available in two packages: Optima and Raster, which can also be freely configured. You can choose the size and lining of the hearth, glass finish, type of handle or additional decorations.

Since fireplace inserts with a water jacket must cooperate with other energy sources, the decision to purchase them should be made at the design stage of the house or before a general renovation.


In Standard:

✔perfectly clean glass system
✔completely sealed insert
✔Refrabox ceramic deflector
✔air connection on three sides
✔fine adjustment of primary/secondary air
✔exhaust afterburning system
✔configuration (possibility of choosing ceramics, handles, masking blend, glass)
✔inox strips on the inside of the frame



✔lining the hearth with black fireclay
✔printed glass
✔narrow black or inox profiles instead of the traditional
✔glass frame
✔Design handle


✔lining the hearth with Refrabox ceramics
✔printed glass
✔narrow black or inox profiles instead of the traditional
✔glass frame
✔Design handle

*Handle - the Optima and Raster models have a classic black, silver or decorative handle.


✔ Thermal Power [kW]: 12 kW

✔ The heating power of the water exchanger for BImSchV 2 [kW]: 5 kW

✔ Maximum heating capacity of the water exchanger [kW]: 10 kW

✔ Efficiency: 89%

✔ Mass without water: 196 kg

✔ External dimensions (width/height/depth): 521/1245-1381/516 mm

✔ External dimensions of the facade (width/height): 419/511 mm

✔Dimensions of the glass (width/height):

  • ① Modern 310/410 mm
  • ② Raster 383/474 mm

✔ Maximum length of logs: 360 mm

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