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X-FIRE Modern Unico Fireplace Pit Garden Hearth Black Raw Corten Steel Outdoor 60cm

X-FIRE Modern Unico Fireplace Pit Garden Hearth Black Raw Corten Steel Outdoor 60cm

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The X-Fire outdoor fireplace is a solution for people who value good design and comfort of use. The hearth consists of two elements made of a solid, 4-millimeter sheet. Their assembly and disassembly is effortless - slide one element into another. This operation takes only a few seconds. When unfolded, the elements take up a minimum amount of space, making them ideal for storing after the end of the season or taking the hearth on trips.


Do you want to create a new meeting quality in your garden with a real bonfire flame? The X-FIRE hearth from UNICO is characterized by high resistance and efficiency. Made of high-quality sheet metal, it is perfect as a year-round bonfire.

The X-Fire hearth is just 2 elements that can be combined anytime. Such a simple assembly means equally quick disassembly, which is why we can hide it in a safe place right after the season.

The unfolded hearth does not occupy a large area, so we can hide it wherever we find free space. Nothing stands in the way of the hearth also serving us in winter - resistance to weather conditions also applies to low temperatures. 
Thanks to this, even in winter, we can warm up by a real, burning fire. Therefore, the X-FIRE garden fireplace is not only a functional place for a bonfire but also an element that complements the unique space.

X-FIRE is available in two variants - steel painted in black, matte colour and raw corten steel. The hearth is made of high-quality materials and according to world standards. We recommend burning with dry wood and using only natural kindling for kindling.


✔ Height / Width / Depth: 60cm / 70cm / 52cm
✔ Matt Finish
✔ 2 Colours: Black Matt or Raw Corten
✔ Steel
✔ Weight: 21 kg
✔ Easy Assembly

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