Scratch map - Golden Map - Poster (English Edition)

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Scratch maps

Do you love adventures, planning to visit the world or want to give someone a special gift?
The poster scratch map is an original and practical decoration for travel lovers. It is a unique and simple way not only to capture moments of your journeys, but also to plan your next trips.

Capture your journeys!
The scratch map "Golden Map - Poster (English Edition)" will highlight the individuality of your interior and make it stand out. Thanks to the special laminated surface of the scratch map you can scratch the countries you have already visited. After scratching selected places, the scratch map will also become a great artistic element in your interior as each country has a different color, and the entire color palette of the scratch map is created by our professionals.

Travel planner!
This decoration will also work great as a travel plan for further trips - thanks to the laminated surface, you can make notes about your journeys. Each scratch map is provided with a wooden stylus and a set of stickers to mark selected places.

Scratch maps

Unique present!
The scratch map will be an exceptional and great present for every occasion! You can give it to relatives or friends as a travel memorie of your joint journeys, to short and long expedition lovers, or use it for planning trips.

It is also a great gift for occasions like:

  • birthday
  • bachelor's party/hen party
  • wedding as a symbol of a new common path of life
  • gift for the occasion of moving - as a decorative element to a new home
  • Christmas gift

Scratch map in an elegant tube - match a tube to the occasion!
Each map is packed in a stylish tube, which makes a gift packaging even more unique. Choose the one from among 5 designs, that suits your occasion the best.

You can enter your dedication on a decorative tube and personalize your present.

Scratch maps

Thanks to the scratch map you will be able to collect and highlight all previously visited countries, as well as to plan next trips. Thanks to the harmonic and professionally chosen color palette, the scratch map will look great both before and after scratching selected places. Each country is marked with a different color, so that visited places are highlighted, and at the same time it creates a harmonious and artistic color pattern on the map.

Thanks to detailed topographical details, such as the shape of the lands and oceans and geographical distribution, the map perfectly reproduces the presented areas, thanks to which marking the visited places is exceptionally simple and pleasant!

Scratch maps

Enlarged view of the whole Europe!
In addition, the scratch map presents an enlarged view of Europe, which allows marking even very specific places.

5 color versions!
Our scratch maps are available in 5 different color versions, so you can choose your own unique scratch map palette. Other designs can be found in our store.

Scratch map on the wall - how to present your map?

  • as a scratch map poster: simpy put on the wall like a poster
  • as a framed scratch map: place the scratch map in a frame or clip frame and hang it on the wall
  • as a scratch map on cork: pin the map to the cork board and collect photos, notes and other memories

Frames, clip frames and cork boards are not included.

Product features:

  • size 100x50
  • map and tube in English language
  • fleece canvas
  • specially laminated surface for scratching and rubbing out notes
  • current political division of land and waters (as of 2018)
  • high quality HD printout, which perfectly reflects all details
  • set of stickers and wooden stylus includede
  • Packed in an elegant tube
  • enlarged view of the whole Europe
  • topographical and geographical details

Type: Scratch map

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