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ROME - Upholstered Bedroom Bed, Various Colours in Water Repellent Material, 4 Sizes

ROME - Upholstered Bedroom Bed, Various Colours in Water Repellent Material, 4 Sizes

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We are well aware that a bed is undoubtedly a key element of any bedroom, so if you are looking for a bed tailored to your preferences, you've come to the right place. Will we help you make the bed perfectly blend in with the unique mood of your space? Be sure to check out our suggestions.

The great advantage of buying from us is that the furniture is almost entirely tailored to you. Each model is made in four widths of the sleeping surface (140 × 200, 160 × 200, 180 × 200, 200 × 200), each in a fabric of your choice.

The bed's structure is made of a wooden frame and a 22 mm thick board, thanks to which the furniture frame is durable. The price includes a bed with a wooden frame and a container for bedding. Possibility to change the frame to a metal one with the option of supporting lifting.

FABRIC MONOLITH - The MONOLITH fabric is covered with a particular protective layer, creating a hydrophobic layer that protects against the rapid seepage of liquids. This prevents the fabric from immediately absorbing water, causing the fluid to condense on the fabric's surface. Thanks to this, we have time to gently drain the spilt liquid using a soft cloth or paper towel.

FABRIC ROYAL VELVET - velour fabric with a plush texture, thick, fluffy and soft, extremely pleasant to the touch and rich in colours. The material is characterized by exceptional delicacy; delightful colours will add extraordinary elegance to the interior. The advantage of this fabric is that it does not shade, is matte on the surface, and has a special stabilising-strengthening primer, which allows you to avoid unwanted stretching. Upholstery fabric is very durable and characterized by high resistance to use.

FABRIC MADRID - is a thick and durable eco-leather reinforced at the bottom with a strong knit. Thanks to its structure, MADRID perfectly imitates the appearance of natural leather, but it is more durable and durable.

* Please remember that photo might be slightly different from the actual item in terms of colour due to the lighting during the photoshoot or the monitor's display.

Our furniture meets all your needs and includes:

  • Frame: Wooden or Metal to choose
  • Upholstered - Many Colours to choose from
  • Bed equipped with wooden slats
  • Storage for bedding
  • Mattress NOT included
  • The product is brand-new, not assembled and in its original packaging
  • Assembling service available per request


This bed is made for mattresses in 4 sizes
- 140 x 200 cm
- 160 x 200 cm
- 180 x 200 cm
- 200 x 200 cm

The external dimension of the bed under the mattress 140x200 cm is 158x225cm
The external dimension of the bed under the mattress 160x200 cm is 178x225cm
The external dimension of the bed under the mattress 180x200 cm is 198x225cm
The external dimension of the bed under the mattress 200x200 cm is 218x225cm

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