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Wardrobe Bunk Bed Sofa

PIANO DL - 2 Seater Sofa with Sleeping Function, Various Colours, Modern Looking >225cm<

PIANO DL - 2 Seater Sofa with Sleeping Function, Various Colours, Modern Looking >225cm<

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The sofa from the Piano collection combines classics and comfort, guaranteed by profiled seats and a backrest with comfortable pillows. The whole is trimmed with a decorative seam.

 The Piano DL sofa combines classics and comfort, guaranteed by profiled seats and a backrest with comfortable cushions. The whole is trimmed with a decorative seam—a functional and modern sofa with a sleeping function and a container for bedding.

Unfolding a sofa with a sleeping function in this system is undoubtedly very simple. First, pull out the seat and then fold down the backrest. A large container for bedding hidden under the seat is certainly an advantage of sofas with the DL unfolding system.

The cushions that function as a backrest have removable covers, making cleaning even more accessible.

 *Please bear in mind that the photo may be slightly different from the actual item in terms of colour due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display.

The Piano sofa is attention to minor details, which is why it will work in any room. All elements have been sewn with a thick seam, which is a decoration that strengthens the fabrics' connections. We used the best materials to build the seat to satisfy our customers. Softness and high resistance to deformation are guaranteed by the use of corrugated springs and highly elastic foam. The seats are filled with T35 foam, and the backrests are with HR35 foam.

The frames of all our furniture are made of wood and furniture board. Seats and highly loaded elements are built on wooden frames because quality and customer satisfaction are essential to us.


  • Corrugated Springs
  • Metal Legs
  • Decorative small cushions are NOT included
  • Dimensional tolerance: +/- 3%
  • Sleeping Function
  • Storage Space for bedding
  • T-35 foam
  • HR25 foam
  • Free-standing (back covered with fabric)


Dimensional tolerance: +/- 3%

Width: 225 cm
Depth: 63 cm - 108 cm 
Height: 95cm
Sleeping Area: 190 x 145 cm


The Courier is ONLY able to carry the sofa up to the 2nd floor. Without a substantially large lift, delivery above the 2nd floor is not possible.

 Please note that our sofas are delivered to your house/office. Carrying furniture to your home and assembly service by a professional team is included in the price. All delivered goods must be checked by the customer on delivery. Once goods have been accepted and signed for, we can not accept any complaints regarding goods damage in transit. Any customer refusing delivery of goods for any other reason than "goods damaged in transit" or returning item will be charged with return postage costs - £100. The product has to be unused, not assembled and in its original packaging.

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