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Wardrobe Bunk Bed Sofa

ORION II - Two Seater Sofa, Adjustable Headrests, Many Colours, 186cm

ORION II - Two Seater Sofa, Adjustable Headrests, Many Colours, 186cm

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ORION II  - Two-Seater Sofa with Adjustable Headrests >186cm<

 The decisive advantages are both the headrests with multi-stage adjustment and the 13 cm high legs, thanks to which the furniture looks extraordinarily light and neat and allows the I-Robot cleaning robots to work.

*Please remember that the photo may be slightly different from the actual item in terms of colour due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display.


  • Corrugated Springs
  • Highly Elastic Foam 
  • Chrome Plated Legs
  • Dimensional tolerance: +/- 5%
  • T-35 foam and HR foams
  • Headrests Adjustable
  • Free-standing (back covered with fabric)


WATER REPELLENT - fabric with properties that hinder the absorption of spilt liquids.

The Gemma fabric is covered with a particular protective layer, creating a hydrophobic coating that protects against rapid liquid penetration. This prevents the fabric from immediately absorbing water, causing the liquid to condense on the fabric's surface. Thanks to this, we have time to use a soft cloth or paper towel to drain the spilt liquid gently. Differences between individual batches of materials are allowed.

MADRYT faux leather is made of high-quality polyurethane, which is why it perfectly imitates expensive natural leather. The face of the MADRYT material has a delicate matt grain and can be bent or even stretched. It will not cause any permanent wrinkles on the fabric. Differences between individual batches of materials are allowed.

Fabric ELEMENT looks great on upholstered furniture. It belongs to a plush group of fabrics, providing a soft cover for sofas, couches or corners. It has certificates that guarantee safety when using fabrics by children and infants. It is friendly to human skin and does not irritate. In addition, these fabrics have flame-retardant and waterproof properties - WATER BLOCKED, retaining spilt liquids on the material's surface. It is resistant to pilling and fading, presenting itself impeccably on furniture for many years. It belongs to animal and natural environment-friendly materials. Differences between individual batches of materials are allowed.

Velor-type FANTASY VELVET fabric is a proposal that perfectly corresponds to current interior design trends. Thanks to it, upholstered furniture is pleasant to touch and acquires an elegant character. The FANTASY VELVET colour palette includes fashionable shades of grey and bold colours, such as bottle green, a shade of red, or a subtle blueberry. An additional advantage of the fabric is its high abrasion resistance. In the Martindale test, the fabric obtained 90,000 resistance cycles, ensuring it would retain its original structure for many years. In addition, the fabric has limited liquid absorption, which significantly protects it against deep dirt and facilitates its cleaning. Differences between individual batches of materials are allowed.


Dimensional tolerance: +/- 5%

Width: 186 cm
Depth: 97 cm
Height: 78 - 95 cm


The Courier is ONLY able to carry the sofa up to the 2nd floor. Without a substantially significant lift, delivery above the 2nd floor is not possible.

 Please note that our sofas are delivered to your FRONT door on the GROUND FLOOR. Carrying furniture to your home and assembly service by a professional team is NOT included in the price. The price is £30 in cash on the delivery. The customer must check all delivered goods on delivery. Once goods have been accepted and signed for, we can not accept any complaints regarding goods damage in transit. Any customer refusing delivery of goods for any other reason than "goods damaged in transit" or returning item will be charged with return postage costs - £100. The product has to be unused, not assembled and in its original packaging.

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- Please note that we provide STANDARD delivery (7-12 weeks) of this item.
- Please note waiting time is excluding weekends.
Keep in mind that after every placed purchase we contact our customers in order to confirm details. The next contact will be 2 days in advance to inform our client about specific details of delivery (by SMS and e-mail). - We Provide FREE Delivery with some exceptions due to distance

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