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NOTSA S - 3 sliding door wardrobe with wavy mirror and great capacity >250cm width< FREE ASSEMBLY

NOTSA S - 3 sliding door wardrobe with wavy mirror and great capacity >250cm width< FREE ASSEMBLY

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NOTSA S isn't just an ordinary wardrobe with a mirror. It is the best choice for your needs, with excellent situated separators and shelves. Where space is limited and appearance is essential, a sliding door wardrobe is a perfect solution for any room—saving space outside the wardrobe whilst creating more within. Our sliding-door wardrobes bring unparalleled elegance and style to your bedroom.NOTSA wardrobe is made of high-quality 16mm laminated board with a mirror. Hanging rail and shelves included.


  • NOTSA S wardrobe with sliding doors has a user-friendly design.
  • 4x colours to choose from
  • LED lighting for an additional fee of +£30 (paid by cash on delivery)
  • Many years of experience in the furniture industry and paying great attention to details make this furniture durable and stylish.
  • Laminated Board - 16mm thick.
  • Sliding doors system.
  • BIMAK MINI aluminium guide rails.
  • 3 -Door wardrobe
  • 9 x Shelves
  • 2 x cloth rail
  • Assembling service by Leorefic Courier professional team INCLUDED


Width: 250 cm
Depth: 58 cm
Height: 215 cm

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