MIRA - Beautiful Bathroom Furniture Set

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Fitted Bathroom Furniture make a functional addition to any bathroom, providing a functional space for toiletries, cosmetics and other items, such as medications. It can be used to store bath towels etc. If you are looking for a cabinet for your bathroom, it is a good idea to measure the space you have available and size it up against those you are interested in. That way you eliminate the potential surprises of having a bathroom set delivered that is either far too large or small for your space.


High Cabinet :                height 131.5 cm, wide 30 cm,     depth 30 cm

Mirror with Shelve:        height 50 cm,      wide 60 cm,   depth 11.5 cm

Sink :                             height 5 cm,          wide 61 cm,     depth 35 cm

Sink Cabinet:                height 47.5 cm,      wide 60 cm,     depth 30 cm

Medium Cabinet :           height 81.5 cm,     wide 30 cm,     depth 30 cm

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