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Wardrobe Bunk Bed Sofa



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The photovoltaic battery also draws energy from solar panels. During the day, especially in summer, solar panels produce enough energy to meet household needs. However, the sun does not shine at night, and in winter it appears rarely and only during the day. This is where a photovoltaic battery comes in handy. This is a device
which stores energy and allows it to be used at any time. The climate can be very changeable. In other words, for many months the sun's rays are too weak to produce enough energy. However, in summer, excessive energy is produced during the day.
Discharging the energy into a photovoltaic battery will enable it to be used in the event of a shortage.

Huawei LUNA2000 intelligent control module has a unique design. It enables modular expansion and allows for flexible power expansion (5-30kWh). Each power bank module has a built-in optimizer and independently manages charging and discharging. You can use old and new power bank modules together, fully exploiting the potential of each of them.

  • 5 kWh Modular Design, Scalable from 5to 30 kWh
  • Easy Installation 12 kg (Power BatteryModule 50kg not included)
  • Automatically Detected in App
  • Compatible to Both Residential Single&Three Phase Inverter

WIDTH: 670 mm
LENGTH: 240 mm
HEIGHT: 150 mm
WEIGHT: 12 kg

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