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GALINO - TV Wall Unit for those, who like save space

  • £41999


The stylish design is the perfect storage solution of your modern home requirements. Add some luxury to your home. This system is an ideal choice for both small and big rooms. The large variety of elements will allow you to create a perfect set for your home. 

This sets are made of high quality PVC White / Black or wooden board with Black / White High Gloss PVC inserts. The inside layouts are designed to fit all your necessities. This set does help to maximize and make the most of the available space even in smaller rooms. Saving space on the outside whilst creating more space within.

Our furniture meets all your needs and includes:

  • TV Stand ( 1 ) contains: 2x opened chambers, 2x flaps
  • Showcases ( ) each one contains: 2x drawers on bottom, 1x glass-door - behind 3x glass shelves with LED lighting
  • Wand-boards ( ) each one contains: 1x shelf 
  • Blue LED lighting is included.


    Numbered units:

    • ( 1 ) 180 x 37  x 45 cm
    • ( 2 )  60 x 190 x 40 cm (each one)
    • ( 3 ) 100-120 x 20 x 20 cm (each one)
    • Dimensions ( Width x Height x Depth [cm] )

    Components colour (fallow numbered slideshow below) :

    [ 1 ]

    • Fronts: Plum / White High Gloss
    • Carcass: Plum
    • Inserts: Blue LED Lights

    [ 2 ]

    • Fronts: Plum / Black High Gloss
    • Carcass: Plum
    • Inserts: Black High Gloss + Blue LED Lights

    [ 3 ]

    • Fronts: Wenge / White High Gloss
    • Carcass: Wenge
    • Inserts: White High Gloss + Blue LED Lights

    [ 4 ]

    • Fronts: Wenge
    • Carcass: Wenge
    • Inserts: Blue LED Lights

    [ 5 ]

    • Fronts: Black High Gloss
    • Carcass: Wenge
    • Inserts: Blue LED Lights

    [ 6 ]

    • Fronts: Black / White High Gloss
    • Carcass: Wenge
    • Inserts: Blue LED Lights

    [ 7 ]

    • Fronts: Black High Gloss
    • Carcass: White
    • Inserts: Blue LED Lights

    [ 8 ]

    • Fronts: Black / White High Gloss
    • Carcass: Wenge
    • Inserts: White + Blue LED Lights

    [ 9 ]

    • Fronts: White High Gloss
    • Carcass: Wenge
    • Inserts: Blue LED Lights

    [ 10 ]

    • Fronts: White High Gloss
    • Carcass: White
    • Inserts: Blue LED Lights

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    Additional information

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    - Keep in mind that after every placed purchase we contact our customers in order to confirm details. The next contact will be 2 days in advance to inform our client about specific details of delivery (by SMS and e-mail).
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