DIY canvas painting - Tiger in Hat

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Awaken your creativity!
Do you want to relax in a creative way? Looking for an original adventure, where you could also invite your loved ones? At the same time awake your creativity and feel like a real artist. Nothing's easier ! Discover the most original hobby of this year - painting by numbers. A colorful painting kit by numbers "Tiger in Hat" is an unusual idea for spending free time. Painting kit by numbers "Tiger in Hat" is an activity for people of all ages. Perfect for amateur painters! This painting will be perfect as a wall decoration.

We present a complete painting kit for adults and ambitious children over 12 years of age.

The set contains:

  • A printed canvas with a pattern and numbered color fields
  • 2 brushes with different bristles thickness
  • A set of acrylic paints in containers, specially selected for your chosen pattern
  • Diagram pattern with colored fields - to help you to paint

Painting kit for adults

For the body and mind!
Do you know that painting has a positive effect on your mind and body?

  • Relaxes
  • Develops creativity
  • Teaches patience and concentration
  • Develops manual skills
  • Improves the precision of movements and supports their coordination

Original gift!
Painting kit is an extraordinary gift idea for an artistic soul. And not only!

  • Give it to someone you want to treat with creative relaxation
  • Give your friends a gift and invite them to paint together
  • Give as a gift to your beloved person as your own painted picture

Painting by numbers!
Painting over the fields according to the instructions will help you achieve a professional result without the help of an instructor.

See instructions

Premium materials
High quality canvas stretched on a wooden frame (100% spruce wood), professional paint brushes and high-quality acrylic paints in individual containers will make your painting a real work of art.

The perfect color match
Over 400 different shades of colors, composed by our artists. Self-mixing of colors is not necessary! Clear contours of fields, fields marked with numbers, selected with the appropriate colors of acrylic paints enable accurate reproduction of the image. Choose the color of the paint to the field marked with the same number and start your painting adventure!

Ready to hang up
You do not need additional frames. The canvas is already stretched over a loom made of natural, solid wood and fastened with staples. Paint the sides with paint, and your picture will also have a modern and fashionable look.

Highest quality
Our Painting kit is a high quality EU product with CE marking. Detailed safety instructions are also provided in the manuals attached to each product.

Painting kit for adults

Type: DIY canvas painting

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