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ERGOSSA - Futurist functional and comfy commited to bring back classic design >248x167cm<

  • £71999

EGROSSA - This isn't Just ordinary corner sofa bed, with corrugated springs in the seats you will have new sitting experience.


  • ERGOSSA corner sofa with pull out bed is more than living room furniture.
  • Innovation and comfort is the essence of ERGOSSA corner sofa bed, we provide corrugated springs mattress inside the seats for extra comfort.
  •  Additional storage space for bedding included (118x65x21 cm).
  • Spreading support mechanism.
  • Contrastive chrome inserts.
  • 3x pillows with zippers.
  • Black - plastic kickstands.
  • Our luxury sofa contains wooden elements.


  • Width: 248 cm
  • Depth: 167 cm
  • Height: 82 cm
  • Height of seating: 40 cm
  • Sleeping area: 200 cm x 127 cm

In case
, if you'd like to make your corner sofa unique with using other fabrics and colours - Please contact us.

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- On some products assembly and carrying services may not be displayed in customisation options, please contact us prior to ordering.

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