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Wardrobe Bunk Bed Sofa



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SMA - HM-20 is an intelligent energy management module that enables optimal use of solar energy in your household.
This product optimizes the use of solar energy, which allows you to significantly reduce energy costs.
Sunny Home Manager 2.0 measures all solar energy production data,
consuming energy from the grid and returning it to the grid, providing information on the entire energy flow in the household.
Thanks to local forecasts of solar energy production and energy consumption profiles on the farm, this device independently determines individual recommendations and coordinates the operation of controllable receivers,
to make the most of the solar energy you generate yourself.
Implementing intelligent energy management is simple - just install the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 module at the network connection point, connect it to the router using an Ethernet cable,
and then register your photovoltaic installation free of charge on the Sunny Portal.

Sunny Home Manager supports simple monitoring of various values without using them for direct control. It is a complete solution designed for energy monitoring and energy management. Energy monitoring includes the recording of all energy flows in the household. Both the amount of energy produced by the photovoltaic installation and the consumption by individual consumers can be measured.

• Energy manager with integrated measuring device
• Consumption analysis of individual loads
• Optimized battery charging in SMA storage systems
• Quick plug-and-play installation
• Overview of all relevant appliances PV generation and battery systems
• Use energy more efficiently and reduce electricity costs
• Energy balance and load data shown in interactive diagrams
• Integrated weather and PV forecast data
• PV system monitoring via Sunny Portal and Sunny Places
• Appliance connection via standard protocols and compatible radio- controlled sockets


WIDTH: 88.00 mm
LENGTH: 70.00 mm
HEIGHT: 65.00 mm
WEIGHT: 0.300 kg


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