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COIMBRA I - Single Bed with Bedding Storage, 6 Fabric Colours, 2 Mattresses >200 x 90cm<

COIMBRA I - Single Bed with Bedding Storage, 6 Fabric Colours, 2 Mattresses >200 x 90cm<

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The COIMBRA I upholstered bed with a bedding container with 90/200 cm sleeping surface dimensions has a fabric finish. This solution makes the bed both comfortable for sleeping and practical in everyday use. Fabric upholstery adds an elegant look to the bed. The sleeping surface dimensions of 90/200 cm are suitable for one person, making this bed ideal for small bedrooms or for people who need a place to sleep but do not have much space. The mattress cover made of fabric provides additional comfort while sleeping. We offer 5 colours of mattress and bed backrest finishes to choose from: graphite, blue, green, grey and brown. The bedding container is equipped with springs, which make storing the bedding very easy. All dimensions are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 2 cm. 

Our furniture meets all your needs and includes:

  • Colours: 6 Fabric Elements / Mattress
  • 1x Sleeping Place
  • 2 types of mattresses available 
  • Laminated Board 16mm + Wood
  • Under Bed Storage to Store Toys/Bedding
  • The product is brand-new, not assembled and in its original packaging
  • Assembling service available per request


200 / 90:
Width: 205 cm
Depth: 95 cm
Height: 95 cm
Sleeping Area: 200 cm x 90 cm


We have 2 types of mattresses to choose from:

  • Bed with FOAM mattress
  • Bed with BONNELL mattress

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