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BENITA - Luxury sofa bed with storage and sleeping function >250x109cm<

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BENITA - A luxury sofa bed with storage and sleeping function >250x109cm<


  • BENITA sofa with pull out bed is more than living room furniture.
  • Innovation and comfort is the essence of the BENITA sofa bed, we provide a corrugated springs mattress inside the seats for extra comfort.
  • Additional storage space for bedding is included.
  • Many colours available, fabric: Penta (easy-clean fabric), inari or Aston


INARIThe Inari upholstery fabric is distinguished by its original appearance and a very wide range of applications. It is suitable as a cover for upholstered furniture not only for home but also for public use premises. And all because it is a fabric resistant to damage and dirt. The casual pattern of the Inari fabric makes it fit into any interior and style. 

The Inari upholstery fabric is a tightly knit braid with very good technical parameters. The material is durable and has an elegant touch. The universal pattern makes the fabric appeal to almost everyone. The original weave fits both classic and modern furniture. It's no secret that Inari upholstery fabric is very often used by the largest furniture factories. This is due to its very high persistence, which is a significant factor in the case of furniture. Therefore, it is worth considering the choice of this material.

ASTONAston is a soft fabric belonging to the group of plush fabrics. It is characterized by high flexibility. It does not discolour when exposed to light - it does not fade. A wide range of colours is perfect for upholstery furniture. Plush fabrics are known primarily from mascots. This material is used in the production of toys for a reason. The plush is very nice and friendly to the touch. A gentle brush is enough to feel a pleasant tingling sensation. Plush fabrics are also resistant to tearing and abrasion. Unlike velour, they have short bristles, usually not exceeding 3mm.

PENTA - Penta is a modern flock-type material that is an excellent proposition for upholstery of large living room furniture. Thanks to the fantastic resistance to damage, the fabric will work well during intensive use and where there are pets. The solid, thick structure of the material is made of a combination of various types of fibres. Cotton in the base of the product guarantees its good breathability. The fabric looks plush and is very easy to keep clean. Penta does not absorb liquids and stains can be easily removed with a soft cloth and clean water. We recommend the product to anyone who cares about solid material for many years.


  • Width: 250 cm
  • Depth: 109 cm
  • Height: 44 cm
  • Sleeping area: 197 cm x 147 cm


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