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Additional Services

You can choose from having additional services which are the Carrying Service and Assembly Service.

The carrying service is an extra £20 and it will take care of carrying the sofa to your room. If you think it might be hard for our drivers to make the delivery and carry out the carrying service please get in touch with us prior to submitting the order.

Assembly service is an extra £40* and it includes carrying service, we will not only carry it to your room but also assemble it for you so its all ready for you to use as soon as we leave.

You are able to select Additional Services while selecting your delivery options, for example, if you live in Scotland and you require Assembly service, select the option called "Scotland With Assembly Service (+£40). If you select the option "Scotland" and you later realise you want the Assembly service, simply email us and let us know, or pay the extra cost to drivers on the delivery day.

*Assembly service price might vary depending on the product type, e.g. assembly service for some of our wardrobes is £120.